Mike Walker

Drone-Obsessed Kanye West Importing Killer Eagles To Guard Kim K & Kids!

He's in talks with the police!

Kanye West Drones — He Wants To Protect Kim Kardashian
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Tempted as I am to kall Kanye “birdbrain” — a label totally justified most of the time — ya just can’t knock a guy trying to protect wifey Kim Kardashian and their kute kiddies … and don’t forget I scooped the world in 2014, revealing Yeezy’s top-secret kampaign to stop/destroy camera-toting drones flying over his swanky Calabasas estate to snap pics of his kiddies at play … Kim kavorting nude in the pool … or WHATEVAH! … and California Gov. Jerry Brown even signed a bill forbidding aerial paparazzi pic-klickers, but Kanye’s on a NEW killer kick: Knowing it’ll take more than a law to foil skyborne foe-togs, he’s krafted a kickass kampaign to DESTROY ALL DRONES!

Reveals My Special K Korrespondent: “Kanye’s thrilled Kim with his stunning new plan — he’s opened negotiations with Dutch police to buy or lease raging killer eagles trained to RIP flying drones right out of the sky! Kim thought the idea was for the birds — until she viewed jaw-dropping video of razor-beaked, iron-klawed predators snatching and smashing drones in flight!”

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Kanye’s hot on the case, waving big buck$$ and reminding kops that his star exposure will get their killer program up and flying FAST!