Grateful cast members who ducked real-life danger thanks to quick-thinking “Public Enemies” star JOHNNY DEPP agree on one thing: With public enemies like this, who needs friends? On location for his new flick in freezing Columbus, Wis., Depp – standing by a country road ready to play a getaway scene as notorious Depression bank robber John Dillinger – went into action lightning-fast when a 1933 Ford came speeding toward the set, hit a patch of ice and slid out of control…aimed straight at half a dozen extras who had their backs turned!

Instantly, Depp screamed: “Get out of the way…” and literally slammed into the group with arms outspread, shoving them all back just as the car slammed into the curb a few feet away. The driver of the car, unhurt, jumped out and started making excuses about lousy road conditions – but Depp went ballistic, raging at the jerk for speeding when he knew the roads were icy. The star finally swallowed his fury and went back to work – right after threatening to fire the guy if he screwed up again!