Mike Walker

Jessica Simpson’s Sexy ‘Toy Story’

The singer bought some kinky trinkets for the bedroom.

Jessica simpson sex toys NEFRIDAY

BUZZZ! … Whirrr! … Click! …Chugga-chugga! … VAROOOM!

Kinky gadget sounds Jessica Simpson can use if she writes a witty ditty about her LA holiday romp with a galpal on a sexy sex-toy shopping spree — snatching up oo-la-la oodles of bedroom playthings!

Panted My Peeping Spy: “Jess and pal were craving to add spicy fun to their ‘mommy’ lives and surprise their hubbies … but went waaay overboard, literally spending thousands on buzzy-wuzzy-twisty toys and kinky-slinky costumes! It all went truly cray-cray when The Sizzle Sisters demanded hands-on demos from salespeople that had them doubled over laughing!”

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… Clickety! …DING! … Aaa-OOOGAH!