Mike Waker

Jessica Simpson Goes Cheap At High-End Eatery

The ditzy singer snuck in her own water.

Jessica Simpson Cheap — She Snuck In Her Own Water

Sinfully rich Jessica Simpson never knew “Chicken of the Sea” was FISH — NOT chicken — but the cheesy cheapskate darn well knows the price of H2O!

Lunching at a posh WeHo eatery, Jess thumbed her cute li’l nose at the hoity-toity joint’s rules and ran a rip-off — sneaking in her own bottle of water! Staffers sighed and gave her a break at first, turning a blind eye to her no-class stash — until she guzzled down her first bottle and promptly fished another full one out of her bag!

Burbled My Bubbly Babbler: “A manager quickly approached and jabbed Jess, saying, ‘It’s fine you brought in the bottle you’d been drinking, but now you’ve brought your own stock! You know, we DO sell water!’ Jess responded, ‘How much is a bottle here — $15?’ The manager sighed, responding, ‘Ma’am, you need to buy the water from the house, please?’ So, Jess stashed her H2O and paid cash … PDQ!”

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