Mike Walker

Jessica Simpson Gives Fan A Cheap Thrill

Raising heartbeats, one fan at a time!

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Mike Walker Reports … Buxom beauty Jessica Simpson and a gal pal were waiting in line at a sandwich shop when a young guy fan — who keeps abreast of her career — asked for a fast fan snap!

Jess agreed, and asked the female friend to click the pic as she posed up close with Cute Dude!

Said My Sandwich Spy: “Before Jess’ gal pal even asked her to say ‘cheese,’ young Mr. Smart Ass got her to smile big — slyly whispering in the star’s ear, ‘Your boob is on my arm!’

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“Jess instantly grinned ear-to-ear and, as her friend fired away, burst into laughter!

She thought it was so damn funny.