Mike Walker

Jennifer Aniston Skips Heels For Husband

The top-paid actress didn’t buy a pair of expensive shoes.

Jennifer Aniston Money — The Actress Did Not Buy Expensive Shoes
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Out shoe-shopping with a BFF, Jennifer Aniston suddenly went bananas-ton — raving wildly over a pair of sexy, sky-high heels — then abruptly changed her girly-mind and didn’t buy ’em, whining they were way, waaay too expensive!

Reported My Sole Spy: “Jen’s gob-smacked galpal gasped, ‘WAAAT?? Since when do you care about price tags? You haven’t looked at one in years!’”

Jen then admitted that the REAL reason she didn’t get the gorgeous shoes was … they’d make her look too tall! Which is Jen-speak for: “I’m 5’5”, hubby Justin Theroux’s 5’10”, sooo … !”

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NOTE TO JEN: No one — repeat, NO ONE — in Hollywood thinks Justin’s a millimeter taller than 5’7”! (SORRY!)