Jen Aniston: Shut Your Trap, Dad!

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Doddering dads often blurt bad stuff – like JENNIFER ANISTON'S papa John Aniston, 81, star of “Days of Our Lives,” who told a family dinner, including Jen: “If it wasn’t for me, Jenny wouldn’t have a movie career today!” … YEOWW! …

Confides my Aniston insider: “Jen exploded, screaming, ‘You think I owe you my career because you did a favor to someone and gave me one lousy script? Let it go – stop taking credit!’ Then she stormed out as John hung his head!”

For the record, the story’s TRUE – John did give Jen a script written in the mid-’90s by a fellow “DOOL” actress, which got made into big-screen rom-com “Picture Perfect,” Jen’s breakout movie role.

“John’s proud he helped her to movie stardom,” said the source, “but she’s had it with him throwing it in her face. She called Daddy next day and made him vow to NEVER take credit again. John reluctantly agreed.”