Three weeks ago I blasted Academy Award-winner JAMIE FOXX as an arrogant jerk who allowed his bozo-guard to block people from entering a Four Seasons Hotel elevator…but this scoop’s SO outrageous I’m giving Jamie the benefit of the doubt and guessing he was just goofing around when he showed up on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, showed his star to a couple of pals – then made them polish the damn thing!

My Spywitness says Jamie told two male companions – who were holding small towels and a spray bottle filled with cleanser – “I want my baby to shine, shine just like my bling!” The guys obediently began spraying and spiffing the sidewalk star, and passers-by watched goggle-eyed as Mr. Clean barked: “Hey… you missed a spot!…Make that thing sparkle,” etc. “The Kingdom” star posed happily for photos, then told fans: “You can look at my star, but it’ll cost you fi ve bucks!” Instantly, a few fan-atics whipped out bills – and Jamie cracked up! “I’m joking,” he chortled. “Hey, look all you want…just don’t step on it!”