Mike Walker

Heidi Klum’s Flying Freakout

Supermodel scared stiff by the unfriendly skies!

heidi klum fear flying terror
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Mike Walker reports….  There’ll be no mile-high club canoodles for Heidi Klum, who is so terrified of flying up into the great blue yonder that first-class hanky-panky’s the last thing on her supermodel brain!

Despite globetrotting for decades, the chatty “America’s Got Talent” judge got so freaked out during a recent takeoff, she started sobbing.

It got so bad that she insisted a flight attendant sit in the vacant seat next to her!

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“Heidi burst into tears and started pressing the call button over and over, wanting a stewardess to reassure her that everything would be okay,” spilled my spy in the sky.

“After she calmed down a bit, Heidi confessed it was par for the course, explaining she has such a great fear of flying, she often ends up sitting with kind, hand-holding flight attendants in the kitchen area!”