Give me a brake! “Anchorman 2” stars WILL FERRELL, PAUL RUDD and HARRISON FORD got to talking about how they’d all once worked as valet parkers, but when “Indiana Jones” bragged he was the best speed parallel parker ever, Will and Paul immediately challenged him to a “speed park-off.”

Crew members set up two studio cars on a street – leaving just enough room for another vehicle to squeeze into the space between them.

Speed demon Ford went first, mashing the metal hard as he rocketed in reverse and zipped into the tight spot. Next up, Rudd whipped the car into reverse and parked precisely between the cars but was slightly slower than Ford.

Now it was Will’s turn: Determined to win, the “Talladega Nights” star stomped the gas pedal and wound up plowing into one of the cars – damaging both vehicles!

Will got a big laugh when he jokingly put a finger to his lips and tippy-toed away from the car-nage.