Happy ‘CHEERS’ reunion turns sad as RHEA reveals breakup SHOCKER!


A heartbreaking moment jolted the joyous 30th reunion dinner of the Emmy-winning “Cheers” cast at swank BevHills eatery Bouchon as star RHEA PERLMAN – asked why hubby DANNY DEVITO wasn’t with her – suddenly burst into tears and confessed the sad secret that the world wouldn’t know about until blazing headlines bannered it 36 hours later: “It’s over,” she sobbed.

 “Danny… broke up our marriage!” 

Shocked, Rhea’s famous cast mates – TED DANSON, SHELLEY LONG, GEORGE WENDT, KIRSTIE ALLEY, BEBE NEUWIRTH, et al. – rushed to comfort her as she revealed her belief that Danny has been a serial horndog, endlessly flirting with much younger women – even in her presence – and, as The ENQUIRER reported, there’d been rumors of a girlfriend in London, where he’d spent the summer without Rhea while performing in a stage production of “The Sunshine Boys.”


And here’s a scoop: Knowing their 30-year-marriage was slowly breaking down, Danny and Rhea flew to Mexico last Christmas in a desperate attempt to recapture the magic.


Reports a “Cheers” insider: “They were staying at the Maroma Resort and Spa on the Riviera Maya – and at first, they seemed to be closer than ever. They were constantly holding hands, hanging out by the pool together, taking long, romantic walks. No one would have suspected they were anything but madly in love. But then Danny left LA to work in London…and suddenly, it was all over!”


Said a witness at the reunion: “Rhea tried hard to be upbeat. She didn’t want to ruin the party. She was smiling on the outside, but you could see the sadness in her eyes as her cast mates, one after another, came by to promise they’d always be there for her.”