Mike Walker

Dissed By Bitchy Broad, Halle Berry Gets Tougher Than Hell!

A-list actress howls at barstool hogger in Malibu.

Halle berry tough
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Out for a Berry good time — and sorta undercover in dark shades and baseball cap (ducking Olivier Martinez ogles, perhaps?) — Halle Berry and a galpal slipped into Malibu’s swanky Nobu for a belt at the crowded bar just as a stool opened up and Halle plopped down, noting that her pal could sit because a lady in the next seat was set to split … but suddenly all HELLE broke loose!

Before Halle’s pally could occupy the just-vacated stool, a pushy broad elbowed them — and plunked HER butt down!

Reports My Nobu Nosy: “It was like the start of WW3! Exploded Halle: ‘I was just about to seat my friend — what are you DOING?’ Sneered Ms. Bitchy: ‘I’ve got my ass down — and I’M NOT MOVING!’ Face twisted in rage, Halle howled, ‘Get your butt off my friend’s stool NOW!’ … and yelled to the bartender for help.

“As a manager ran over, Halle whipped off the dark shades, revealing her Oscar-winning, A-list self, and demanded her barstool — but the manager beat that, booting Nasty Bitch right outta the joint!” Halle, YEAH!