Geezer Bait Don Johnson Warns TV Co-Star Chance Crawford

Gos never full frontal don_johnson ne short

Hanging outside the TV soundstage with hunky “Blood & Oil” co-star Chace Crawford, Don Johnson went wide-eyed when two well-groomed older gentlemen suddenly swished up and started rhapsodizing about the first time they’d laid eyes on young Don’s … er, JOHNSON!

Giggling gaily about eye-balling the then 19-year-old’s goodies in the controversial 1969 play “Fortune and Men’s Eyes,” one geezer gushed: “I saw it, and still can’t get your magnificent manhood out of my mind!”

Raved his breathless sidekick: “A masterpiece!” (Which might explain why hottie Melanie Griffith hooked up with mega-Don at a tender fourteen-y —then married him TWICE!!)

Said my source: “Don thanked the drooling old dudes as casually as if they’d simply complimented his eye color! But after they strolled out of earshot, Mr. Johnson — who’d jewel-flashed in several flicks as a youngster — told Chace seriously: ‘Never go full-frontal … it’ll haunt you for LIFE!’”