Ellen DeGeneres Has A STANDUP Sweetheart in Portia De Rossi!

Ellen degeneres short

Ellen’s got a standup sweetheart! STAND BY ME?? … NO — GET YOUR BUTT BEHIND ME!!

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi strolled into The Beverly Hills Hotel’s ever-busy coffee shop at lunchtime and got pissy looks on their pusses when they found NO open seats side-by-side at the 19-seat counter!

Reports My Counter Intelligence Spy: “Ellen and Portia wanted to sit together, of course — but when a waitress asked one diamond-dripping Rich Bitch to kindly scoot over just one seat, she sneered, ‘NO! I’m eating!’

So Ellen plopped into the vacant seat, while poor Portia stood behind her. Both ordered salads and iced tea — Ellen munching in sit-down comfort while Portia chowed down standing UP for twenty minutes!”