Chris Cornell: Soundgarden Star’s Encounter With First Daughters

Rocker did his patriotic duty — but didn't recognize the Bush kids!

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Mike Walker Reports… While Daddy Dubya was raising funds at a $2,000-per-plate luncheon in Seattle back in 2003, daughters Jenna and Barbara swept into the elegant Elliott’s Oyster House restaurant with First Lady/Mom Laura – and squealed like groupies when they spotted the late rocker Chris Cornell chowing quietly with a girlfriend!

“Oh, Mom, we’ve just got to meet him,” chorused the First Daughters. Laura didn’t look thrilled, but ordered Secret Service bodyguards to ask Grunge Boy if he’d kindly hustle his skanky butt over to their table!

A moment later, two Secret Service agents – looking like buttoned-down goons from “The Matrix” – materialized at Cornell’s table and relayed First Momma’s request to meet her girls.

A tad confused, Cornell queried, “Who are they again?”

Intoned an SS dude: “They are your President’s daughters!”

Cornell got the message, dutifully marched to the table and did his patriotic duty – charming the bubbly Bush-ettes, and even making Mama #1 smile when he gallantly kissed her hand!