Mike Walker

Drew Barrymore’s Filthy Talk At Car Wash!

She was upset about waiting for her car to be cleaned.

Drew Barrymore Divorce — She Lashed Out At Car Wash
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Cranky ’cause her marital bed’s suddenly cold and empty of split-zoid NYC hubby Will Kopelman, Drew Barrymore abruptly blew a gasket at an L.A. carwash — bitching that she’d cooled her heels for more than an hour and her ride STILL wasn’t scrubbed!

“Drew’s normally really sweet with people, but she became furious after waiting so long,” sighed My Sudsy Spy. “After moving back to Hollywood Hills, Drew drove to the local car wash — but went ballistic after having to wait like the other commoners, snarling at the manager, ‘What the EFF! I’ve got other things to do … this is EFFING CRAZY!’ You’d think they’d have offered her a freebie loaner, but all she got was ‘Sorry, Lady!’” So Drew had to STEW — just like me and YOU! Eeeewwww!