DEFECTOR Leah REMINI blowing off Scientology pals TRAVOLTA & Preston

Furious Scientology overlords fired off a stern edict forbidding their celeb members from contacting LEAH REMINI after her high-profile defection, but here’s the chuckle: JOHN TRAVOLTA and wife KELLY PRESTON either didn’t get the holy-hell memo, or are ignoring it – they’re telling pals they’re hurt and disappointed because longtime bestie Leah keeps refusing to answer their phone calls!

Said an insider: “Leah’s avoiding all calls from celebrity Scientology pals because she knows they’ll try to talk her back into the church.

"But John and Kelly can’t believe that after all their years of close friendship, Leah won’t even give them the common courtesy of returning their calls.

"They simply want her to hear them out.

"They love her and feel she’s making a huge mistake – but Leah’s put up a wall between herself and anyone associated with Scientology, period!”