Talk about TomKat pre-wedding jitters! Last week I scooped that bride-to-be KATIE HOLMES scolded TOM CRUISE for breaking a bridegroom taboo when he attempted to sneak-peek her GIORGIO ARMANI wedding gown to be sure it was “appropriate.” Now listen up: Despite reports that plans for how the ceremony will be conducted are set in stone, sources say Tom’s still pushing his people to cajole Italian authorities into bending the custom that a Catholic priest must “officiate,” or a big church wedding isn’t automatically legal! And it’s highly unlikely that a Catholic church would allow a Scientology minister to officiate. An Italian civil ceremony would legitimize the union, of course, but insiders say Tom’s okay with making it legal before a church wedding by having a prior U.S. civil ceremony. But Katie’s parents are NOT happy that he’s dead-set on a Scientology – officiated wedding, with a Catholic priest present only to “bless” the union. Mom and Dad keep repeating their heartfelt request: Let our daughter be married by a priest! Last-minute pleas are being beamed to CruiseControl… but so far, My Favorite Alien’s unbending. (Can’t wait for the “South Park” version of the wedding… with L. RON HUBBARD tele-porting in from Planet Xenu to be Best Man?) Stay tuned.