Mike Walker

Romantic Ghosts Reignite ‘Friend’ Courteney Cox’s Hot Love

Courteney Cox Johnny McDaid Back Together
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Talk about a SPIRITED reunion: Ghostly whispers from spooky souls forced soulmates Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid, who’d ended their 18-month engagement, to … BOO! … get the hell back together NOW!

Whispered My Scary Spy: “Courteney and Johnny say they’re lovers again after a five-month break because spirits from The Other Side demanded it! Courteney knew it was true after consulting a psychic, who warned that friend-zied spirits were raging that the former ‘Friends’ star and rocker Johnny should fuse their romantic souls forever! The medium warned Cox: ‘You and your man MUST reunite! The spirits won’t rest easy until you do!’ Hearing that, Courteney instantly cast a hot new spell on Johnny — and their love’s now written in the stars!”