Cara Delevingne To Miley Cyrus: Tongue Me, Twerky!

Miley cyrus cara getty

Twerking, tongue-twirling Miley Cyrus got the sexual shock of her outrageous young life while lunching in the posh garden of Hollywood’s chi-chi Chateau Marmont when stunning bisexual Brit mega-model/movie star Cara DeLevingne waltzed in with a gaggle of galpals and instantly rushed past the maître d’ — making a LEZ-BE-FRIENDS beeline straight (in the directional sense) at her!

Swooned My Marmont Spy: “Cara barreled right at Miley, ignoring a butch-y, middle-aged broad with her, and — as Twerky rose to say ‘Hi’ — Cara planted her protruding tongue smack between welcoming lips! Miley literally started swooning! There’s been buzz that hot Cara’s got the hots for Miley, but here she was publicly hitting on her!

"The ga-ga gals immediately slipped away to a private garden nook for a steamy ‘just-we-two’ chat, and Miley flushed with sheer delight when flirty Cara giggled they’d ‘get together’ real soon — finally strutting back to her galpals as Miley gazed after her, panting like a …!?”

Stay tuned.