Wannabe he-men JAKE GYLLENHAAL and JOSH BROLIN decided it’d be simply grand to go hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains to practice climbing skills for “Everest” – their upcoming flick about mountain hikers endangered by a rogue snowstorm – but ended up whimpering like wussy-boys after getting TOTALLY lost!

“They’d started out in a Malibu canyon and followed marked paths until they got to a rocky area where Jake wanted to climb,” said my source.

“When they started back down the other side of the mountain, Jake kept insisting he knew the way – but after an hour, Josh realized Jake had NO clue!

Knowing it would be dark in about an hour, and terrified about a sleepover with mountain lions, coyotes and poisonous snakes in 30-degree nighttime temperatures, the desperate guys suddenly spotted a Boy Scout troop across a ravine and screamed: “Wait, help us, we’re lost!”

The always-prepared Scouts – chuckling at the idea of rescuing two macho movie stars – rounded up The Lost Boys and led them back to civilization.