Hottie SCARLETT JOHANSSON loves driving men mad as much as any girl, but she’s also a babe who likes to pal around with guys, just like one of the boys – which makes the wives of her “Avengers” co-stars CRAZY!

“ScarJo’s buddy-buddy friendships with their hubbies has really rubbed some wives the wrong way – especially CHRIS HEMSWORTH’s wife, ELSA, and ROBERT DOWNEY JR.’s wife, SUSAN,” said an insider.

“Their husbands text back and forth with Scarlett, call her and giggle on the phone – and when they rave that Scarlett’s ‘like one of the guys,’ it really grinds the girls’ gears! They think it borders on being flirty. And there’s an ‘Avengers’ sequel in the works, so the problem’s ongoing.”

But “innocent” ScarJo, happily settled in with ad exec beau NATE NAYLOR, “doesn’t see herself as a femme fatale – she’s never broken up a marriage or anything. She just likes being one of the boys!”

Yeah… and doesn’t she look the part?