Mike Walker

Beyoncé’s BFF In Pregnancy Crisis

Kelly Rowland is lucky to be alive!

kelly rowland failed pregnancy beyonce

Mike Walker Reports… A scary heartbreak secretly devastated Beyoncé best pal Kelly Rowland, who proved she truly is “Destiny’s Child” by narrowly escaping death before naturally birthing her toddler son Titan!

Said a source: “Kelly’s surprise pregnancy was a devastating nightmare that landed her on an emergency operating table — and could have killed her!”

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“Kelly’d had absolutely no idea she was pregnant until she was abruptly wracked by horrible pains!”

The source explained that doctors diagnosed Kelly as suffering from an ectopic pregnancy — an embryo growing in a fallopian tube, rather than the uterus.

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“Kelly was stunned!”

“It can kill the mother if not caught in time by docs. Kelly’s extremely lucky to be alive!