Mike Walker

Beyoncé Bans Bodyguards From Showers

The diva wouldn’t let them bathe after their intense workout.

Beyonce Diva — She Will Not Let Her Bodyguards Shower
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Beyoncé just got crowned Queen of SoulCycle Beverly Hills, after making her two beefy bodyguards work their butts off — riding beside her at full blast —  but refused to let them hit the showers and sluice off the sweat!

Said My Cycle Spy: “Bey and the guys were dripping, but when they wanted to shower, she said, ‘NO! We’re waiting until we get home!’ Bey didn’t want to be left unguarded while her guys got naked — and they certainly couldn’t hit the women’s showers with her! But Queenie got a hot laugh when she snipped: ‘I don’t mind a stinky ride home with sweaty boys!’”