Behati Prinsloo Drives Hubby Adam Levine Crazy!

Behati Prinsloo & Adam Levine's Naughty Secret

So naughty…but soo nice!

“Voice” coach Adam Levine wanted to scream when his gorgeous Victoria’s Secret supermodel wife, Behati Prinsloo, stiffed him as he cooled his heels waiting for their romantic lunch date at his fave Hollywood Italian eatery!

Said a source: “Adam’s waiting 15 minutes, 30 minutes …phoning and phoning, but Behati NEVER answers!

“Pissed, he storms out after an HOUR, goes home — then goes in her FACE when she finally shows up, howling, ‘Where the HELL you been! WHY didn’t you answer your phone?!’ But Behati — the little smarty — suddenly goes all girly, simpering, ‘Sorry, honey, I got so caught up in Christmas shopping I just forgot … but wanna see what I GOT?’

“Instantly, she strips naked and models super-hot lacy panties, thongs, barely-there bras … and in a flash (of flesh) Adam forgets he’s mad and starts nuzzling Wifey like she’s the romantic lunch!”