Angry Staff Mutiny Mars KimYe Wedding, Thanks to Kim K’s Penny-Pinching ways!


CHEAPSKATE UPDATE! Just before jetting off to Europe to kleave unto KANYE, KIM K went all kray-kray and Cheezy Bridezilla on her personal glamour staff – hairstylist, makeup artist, personal trainer, stylist, et al. – and dropped this nasty bombshell: She’d pick up their tab for economy airfares and lodging in cheap hotels, but would NOT reimburse for food or any expenses in Europe! 

Reports a K-Klan insider: “Members of Kim’s entourage balked and tried to negotiate a better deal, but got shot down when she told them they should be thrilled she’d chosen them to accompany her — and that the publicity they’d reap for making her look beautiful would be worth it for future jobs.” (Say waaaat?)

Now here’s my exclusive SCOOP-DEE-DOO: Special K got a mind-blowing shock when her entireglamour crew banded together and told her to either upgrade their accommodations, flights, etc. – AND reimburse them for food and other legit expenses – or try to hire newbies in Europe!”…Ka-POW!!… 

Flabbergasted, Kim kaved – not daring to chance looking less than her best on W Day!