After Hoda Kotb Ignores Gift Painting Kathie Lee Gifford Wants To Hang Her!

Kathie lee hoda sq

Light chit-chat turned lead-heavy on “The Today Show” when KATHIE LEE GIFFORD suddenly learned a painting she’d gifted to Hoda Kotb ages ago not only never got hung in a place of honor – it’s gathered dust for years in a storage unit!

Said a source: “Hoda regretted blurting out how she’d blown off hanging the painting, and although the ladies laughed about it on TV, it really was NO joking matter! Kathie Lee told the TV audience, ‘I gave Hoda a huge painting of New Orleans that I paid a lot of money for years ago – a huge painting which would have looked gorgeous in her new apartment wall over her sofa!’ But learning that Hoda had stuck it in storage for five years, Kathie Lee snapped: ‘Well, I want it back … I’ll take it to someone who’ll appreciate it!’ Now Hoda, who has no intention of ever hanging the picture, has to deal with trying to make it up to Kathie Lee – but that WON’T be easy!”

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