Mike Walker

Ellen DeGeneres Staff Smacks Adele: Just Go To Hell-o, Honey!

She was cursing nonstop backstage.

Adele On Ellen DeGeneres Show — She Was Cursing Backstage

Eff OFF, you eff-ing c**t!

Cooing sweetly onstage at “Ellen,” Adele spoofed her “Hello” and live-recorded a clever voicemail for Ellen DeGeneres — but when she stormed around backstage before the show, go-to-hell Adele howled nothing but super-nasty notes nonstop!

Said My Behind-the-Scenes Babbler: “Adele went way beyond the usual potty-mouth crap you hear from stars — it was shocking … just one C-word after another, plus F-bombs flying everywhere! Female staffers were extremely offended with so many C-words being spewed — but no one dared say a word because everyone’s so scared of getting reprimanded by super-bossy Ellen … or worse, getting cursed out by devil Adele herself!” #AdeleHell!