Casting for the third season of CBS’s hit show “Survivor” already took place last week and “Survivor 4” is already in the works.

However, according to CBS President and CEO, Les Moonves, fans of the reality series can expect to see some of the favorite celebrities on an all-star version of the show in the near future.

In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Moonves was asked if a celebrity “Survivor” will definitely occur to which he replied, “We think, yes.”

Several celebrities are seriously contemplating participating on the show including Ray Romano of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Kevin James of “King of Queens,” and even L.A. Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant.

Other possible celebrity contestants include Howard Stern and Frank Stallone.

The celebrity version of the show would operate under different rules than the regular “Survivor” shows.

“Obviously you couldn’t go away for seven weeks. You’d go away for something like 10 days and every day somebody would be voted off,” said Moonves.

The coveted prize money would probably go to charity and not the already well-lined pockets of the star contestants.