Could you imagine a pop-star-diva hurling a salt shaker at a co-star just when she’s trying to break onto the big screen in one of her first movie roles?

“No way,” you say? Okay, then, could you picture the same pop-star-diva doing as mentioned, then committing herself to a psychiatric hospital a couple of weeks later?

Makes it more believable doesn’t it? What if the salt-shaker incident turned into a knock-down, drag-out, cat fight complete with hair pulling and scratching? “Yeah,” you say, “a movie star diva and a pop-diva going at it? Definitely.”

Well, not according to the movie star diva. Mira Sorvino is going out of her way to deny the expert reporting that uncovered the cat fight, telling the New York Daily News, “There was no physicality whatsoever- as if you could really imagine me rolling on the ground and pulling her hair out, as The National Enquirer said.”

As if something like a cat fight couldn’t happen in Hollywood.

But, perhaps feeling a little guilty about her part in stressing out songbird Mariah Carey, Sorvino described their wrapping of the film “Wisegirls” which is due for release next year, “We finished the film dancing at an impromptu wrap party in high spirits and exchanged gifts and warmest goodbyes.”

Meanwhile, producer Billy Blake said in a statement, “I do not have firsthand information of any altercation between Mariah Carey and Mira Sorvino, as I was not on the set that day.”

Mariah’s spokesperson, Cindi Berger has also denied knowledge of a fight, but told the Enquirer that Mariah was occasionally late although it wasn’t intentional or habitual.