Self-proclaimed King of Pop Michael Jackson is being dissed by everyone these days.

Jackson planned a benefit concert to raise money for victim’s of last month’s terrorist attacks. Performers who were scheduled to perform at Jackson’s “United We Stand, What More Can I Give” benefit were Mick Jagger, Usher, Mya, Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears and beau Justin Timberlake of N’Sync.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his brother Aaron have recorded their parts for the song “What More Can I Give.”

Contributors Tom Petty, Brian McKnight and Reba McEntire have said they plan on recording their segments as well; but the rest of the planned performers have made excuses and dropped out of recording with Jackson.

According to Britney and Justin spokesperson, the couple mean no disrespect to the victims, but “they will not be participating with Michael Jackson.”

Jackson was more notably snubbed for “A Tribute to Heroes,” the telethon put together by Tom Hanks. An organizer said Jackson “didn’t fit the spirit of the show. The fear was that his performance would have been about him, not the victims.”

It does sound like it’s too good to be the king these days.