They’ve got the storyline, they’ve got the title and Harrison Ford is on board, but when will the next movie in the “Indiana Jones” series start production? It’s anybody’s guess.

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have both signed on for the project, but scheduling issues have made it difficult to nail down a time frame.

Spielberg is currently wrapping up his latest flick, Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. According to reports, Spielberg has said that he will start on Indy 4 as soon as he finishes, but word from his spokesman is that “it’s not his next picture. We don’t know what his next picture’s going to be. Right now Steven’s been described as being in development heaven. They do have a story they like and they have a title, but it’s not been revealed.”

As for Lucas, it is unsure as to how much of a part he will play, beyond story development. He has been busy for quite some time writing the much-anticipated prequels to Star Wars, and his reps have not been able to confirm much more.

Stay tuned for the latest developments!