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Courteney Cox Still ‘Friends’ With The Weinsteins

Star overheard setting up date for Harvey's bro!

courteney cox jennifer aniston dating
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Courteney Cox ran into Harvey Weinstein‘s lower-profiled brother/production partner Bob (inset) at a BevHills coffee shop, a source told The National ENQUIRER, and the conversation was one the with-friends-like-that department!

Bob was overheard yapping with Courtney and hankering for a date with, wait for it … Jennifer Aniston? Whaaat?

“Sure looked like Bob,” squealed a counter spy.

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“She called him ‘Bob,’ he produced ‘Spy Kids,’ and kvetched about being divorced and living mostly in NYC,” the source continued.

So far, so good. “He whined how bi-coastal living made it hard to meet women.”

Hmmm, doesn’t Courteney’s suddenly single “Friends” co-star Jen also live on both coasts — so perfect match?

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Hardly! “Courteney’s such a sweetie, she played matchmaker for Bob — but not with Jen! She dialed a neighbor pal!”