TV’s “Charmed” series’ newest member, Rose McGowan, has a confession to make.

Although you wouldn’t know it by the outfit she wore to the 1998 MTV Awards show, the raven haired beauty loves bra shopping – at Kmart!

For those of you whose memory of that awards show is cloudy, let us remind you that Ms. McGowan showed up on the arm of ex-fiance Marilyn Manson in a gold, completely see-through dress, ahh-hemm, with nothing on underneath but her very own birthday suit!

McGowan, who recently posed for Jane magazine’s December cover, admitted that her favorite Kmart store is the one in New York’s East Village. Not because it’s a bigger store, not because the sales staff are so friendly, but because there are no dressing rooms!

As she explained, “You have to put [the bra] on over your shirt and walk around.” So does that work for the undies too?

“I spend, like, hundreds and hundreds of dollars at that place,” McGowan happily added.