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Barbra Streisand Still A Diva Over Diet Demands

Chef's patience challenged by mixed-up off-menu order!

barbra streisand diva restaurant order

Barbra Streisand tested a Malibu eatery’s patience by switching around ingredients in her gourmet lunch!

The notoriously demanding celebrity diva ended up making so many changes that the waiters thought the testy cook would surely explode into a symphony of sour notes!

Barbra croons to her own tune, and took five long, drawn-out minutes exchanging items and modifying the menu,” a snitch told The National ENQUIRER.

“The singer wailed that her many diet restrictions required numerous alterations.

Barbra Streisand & James Brolin Driving Each Other Bonkers!

“When the diva chef saw her annoying order, he was ready to pitch a fit,” the source continued, “until he was told the persnickety requests were for La Streisand.

“Then he instantly changed his tune!”