Robert Blake canceled a religious service for his wife, Bonny Lee Bakly due to too much media presence, according to his attorney Harland Braun.

After a spokesman for the coroner announced that Bakley’s body was being released and shipped to New Jersey, the funeral home was teeming with reporters, camera crews, even helicopters.

“We had a private religious service planned,” said Braun. “A priest was coming, and Robert was going to be there with his three children. But now we’re afraid if he showed up there would be a riot.”

Braun also said that an aide at the scene of the would-be service called him to say that the funeral director could not get close enough to the building to get inside.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Braun said. “The emotions in this case are running so high.”

Braun also said that Blake was considering going to New Jersey for the funeral, but “I’m going to advise him against going.”