Kim Kardashian Parties Without Paris


We hit the Tropicana Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel Wednesday June 6 for Johnson & Johnson fortune heiress and model CAROLINE D’AMORE’s birthday. A bunch of PARIS’ pals — including best-booty-in-town girl KIM KARDASHIAN –- kibbutzed about Paris’ jail sentence while noshing on the most delish birthday cupcakes. We didn’t think models ate sweets.

A toned and way-too-tan JACK OSBOURNE was also making the scene at Les Deux. Jack was actually downright orange in color, and we he got fed up with SEAN STEWART’s boorish antics at his table, he want to chat with pals about signing some new bands to a record label. At least Jack is a celebrity child that wants to actually work for something — even if he does look like a pumpkin.