Scott Peterson Prison Frame-Up Exposed!

Schemers tried to pin drug rap on wife killer after death row reprieve.

Scott Peterson Prison Frame-Up Exposed Drug Rap
National Enquirer

A plot to keep convicted killer Scott Peterson behind bars by framing him on 
drug charges has been uncovered by The National ENQUIRER!

The shady scheme was hatched just as the 46-year-old monster — sentenced to death for the 2002 murders of his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn son — received a death row reprieve.

“Scott will get killed if they put him in the same yard as the rest of the death row inmates,” an insider snitched.

“Because his enemies can’t get to him physically, they’re coming up with creative ways to mess with him.”

The ENQUIRER has learned a forged California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation “Rules and Violation Report” claimed Peterson tested positive for the powerful drug methamphetamine on January 17.

A second two-page document claimed it was Peterson’s second drug offense and he must undergo random drug tests twice a month for a year.

Terry Thornton of the state’s Department of Corrections confirmed to The ENQUIRER the documents and charges were a hoax.

Peterson has been on death row in San Quentin since his 2005 conviction and was thrilled after California’s governor halted all lethal injections and issued a reprieve to 737 convicted murderers.

“This is a lifeline for Scott! He’s very happy,” said a source.