In a bombshell death row confession, Scott Peterson has at last revealed how he mercilessly strangled his pregnant wife Laci as she happily watched a Martha Stewart TV show.

Then the coldblooded monster calmly read "Playboy" in his fishing boat before dumping her body overboard, according to a blockbuster new book — previewed exclusively by The ENQUIRER.

As he munched on a turkey sandwich in a San Quentin prison visiting room, Scott made his chilling confession to friend Donna Thomas. "I could actually feel (Laci) die," he told her. "When she stopped fighting, I could feel all her weight on my arm."

Thomas’ book – "I’m Sorry I Lied to You: The Confession of Scott Peterson" – finally provides the answers all America has sought since 27-year-old Laci’s body washed up in San Francisco Bay in 2003.

The author, a lawyer, visited Scott dozens of times after he was sentenced to death. She was a passionate believer in the notorious fertilizer salesman’s innocence – until she caught him in a lie in June 2006.

Then after she confronted him, the 35-year-old killer spilled his guts, Donna told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

Surprisingly, his motive for murder wasn’t to be with mistress Amber Frey!

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