BRITISH INTELLIGENCE agents have uncovered a sinister plot by fanatical terrorists to kidnap young Prince William!

Agents with the MI5 — Britain’s version of the CIA — found electronic surveillance equipment during a sweep of the college dorm where the 18-year-old Prince is to live.

The devices could monitor William’s phone calls and e-mails — providing the terrorists with valuable information on his plans and routines.

And MI5 agents discovered the snooping devices were planted by a fanatical group of renegade Irish terrorists — who have targeted the Prince because they’re desperate for publicity.

“The palace and security chiefs are trying to play this down, but they’re terrified,” a security source disclosed.

“These terrorists are hungry for headlines. The big fear is that once they got their hands on Wills, there’s no guarantee some crazy wouldn’t try to go down in history by assassinating a future king!”

A royal insider declared: “This is a nightmare for Prince Charles. The Irish Republican Army blew up his beloved uncle, Earl Mountbatten, and now this has come back to haunt his son.”

William is due to start St. Andrews University in Scotland in September.

And security sources say the fact the snooping devices were already in place shows a level of long-term planning.

“These fanatical terrorists call themselves ‘The Real IRA’ because they’re vehemently opposed to the official IRA cease-fire brokered by Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair,” said the source.

“What they need most of all now is what they call ‘a spectacular’ — a massive terrorist coup that would echo around the world.”

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