Still Alive!

Cops Say Missing Officer Faked His Death

Suicidal Texas lawman fled to Mexico!

coleman martin

A Texas police officer wanted a permanent vacation — so he tried to fake his own death!

Coleman Martin allegedly planned out an elaborate suicide scheme to escape his life in America.

His wife, Jaclyn Williams, notified local police when she received cellphone text messages from Martin on the morning he left his home “despondent and emotionally distressed.”

Martin told her was having a tough time and needed to leave to “clear his head.”

One of the images she received was a photo of a handwritten suicide note — which read that he was heading down to the Mexican border to drown himself!

Investigators discovered Martin had purchased a passport and a tablet the day before he went missing.

He then withdrew $300 from an ATM and bought a raft on the day of his disappearance, also using a debit card to purchase a rope and concrete blocks.

Authorities soon learned Martin was stopped along the highway the night he skipped town — telling the patrolman he was heading to Mexico for “a vacation.”

The phony note he left behind was discovered in his car that was eventually found parked 250 miles south of Austin.

The raft he purchased was found on the shore near his car with scrapes along its side of the raft to indicate that a concrete block was thrown from it.

But the fleeing flatfoot was caught red handed on a nearly gas station security camera!

He is believed to have taken a taxi down near the Texas-Mexico border crossing, then hoping on a bus to head south of the border!

Investigators also discovered a possible mistress the officer has, who informed them that she had received an email from him that he had faked his death!

“It is believed at this time (Officer Martin) is not deceased and has fled to Mexico,” read a statement by the Austin Police Department.

An arrest warrant has been issued against Martin and the officer faces a $3,500 bond once he is apprehended.