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An out-of-control O.J. Simpson had been whipped into a cocaine frenzy before attacking a Miami motorist in a terrifying road-rage encounter.

Just days before his headline-making outburst — during which he’s accused of ripping the glasses from the driver’s face — the disgraced football star began snorting cocaine with his beautiful ex-girlfriend Christie Prody, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Incredibly, O.J. — who had used the illegal drug to lure Christie back to his side — told stunned pals that their coke binge was “therapy” intended to help the 25-year-old self-admitted substance abuser kick her habit!

“After their cocaine session, Prody disappeared on a four-day partying spree as Simpson and Prody’s friends and family frantically looked for her all over Miami,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

A jealous Simpson — fearing she might be doing drugs and having sex with another man — prowled late-night haunts, searching for her to the point of exhaustion.

“He was livid,” disclosed the insider. The drug-abusing superstar plodded on — his anger pushing the boiling point.

“By Monday (December 4) when the road-rage incident occurred, O.J. admitted he was so irritable from lack of sleep and frustration he was ready to explode,” revealed the insider.

“He told me, `I’d have blown up over anything at that point.'”

Later, as police began investigating his violent attack, Simpson, 53, told The ENQUIRER: “I get blamed for everything, no matter what I do!”

The countdown to O.J.’s explosion began when he and Christie dug into his drug stash.

“Simpson said he wanted to show her that you can do a line of coke without being an addict and going off on a binge,” divulged the insider.

“He wanted to show her moderation is possible. But he knows the girl is vulnerable — she’s fought problems with alcohol and cocaine. Simpson lit the fuse to a keg of dynamite.

“During Christie’s disappearance, O.J. told a friend, `I know if she ends up beat up or even worse, killed, I’m going to be the first person blamed. I can’t sleep or do anything but try to find her.’

“Simpson contacted Prody’s family, and they were furious he’d started her on cocaine again.

“Finally, shortly after O.J.’s roadside explosion, she showed up at her apartment — worn out and looking like she’d been up for days.”


The most common form of road rage is tailgating, according to a survey, followed by headlight flashing and making obscene gestures.

Prody, who broke up with Simpson last August, recently gave The ENQUIRER a blockbuster exclusive about their four years together. She was furious O.J. blamed her for their drug partying.

“He’s a hypocrite,” Prody told The ENQUIRER. “He was always wanting to do coke, but he always blamed me.”

In fact, the insider charges, “O.J. lured Christie back to him with drugs. She is vulnerable because she still loves him.”

Simpson’s ridiculous “therapy” session with Prody triggered her frightening alcohol-and-coke binge and fueled him for the infamous road-rage incident.

At about 7 p.m. on December 4, motorist Jeffrey Pattinson, 55, said he “flicked his lights” at a black Lincoln Navigator after he saw the SUV blow through a stop sign.

The Navigator stopped, and a frazzled Simpson got out and walked toward Pattinson’s car, which had stopped behind him, the motorist told police.

The two men argued briefly. Then before storming off, Simpson reached inside Pattinson’s car and yanked the glasses off the man’s face, scratching him, police said.

Miami cops have asked Los Angeles officials to send them a copy of O.J.’s fingerprints to see if they are on Pattinson’s glasses. If they are, Simpson could face assault charges.

“I don’t read the newspaper so I don’t know anything about what Jeff Pattinson is saying about our traffic altercation,” O.J. told The ENQUIRER.

“I’m not going to comment on whether or not my fingerprints will be found on his glasses.”



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