No Laughing Matter!

Clown Threatens Kids At Knifepoint

Return of the scary circus sickos!

evil clown in Fargo ND

The “creepy killer clown” craze that has swept across the country in the past year has made its latest stop in North Dakota!

Fargo Police responded to reports of two men scaring children — with one brandishing a knife!

A witness told local authorities they saw the men approached the children. One man was dressed as a clown holding a knife, while the other was handling a snake!

The witness claimed the men asked the kids if they “wanted to see a dead body.”

He then threatened to kill them!

The frightened kids ran back into their apartment building while the two men retreated to a another building in close proximity.

As the investigation is still ongoing, the masked marauders may face charges if any arrests are made.

The “killer clown” phenomenon started in the United States and has now spread across the pond, with incidents being reported in Ireland and England.

It involves people dressing up as “evil-looking” clowns to deliberately intimidate and scare people, causing distress mostly to children and elderly citizens.

An unofficial Twitter account called “@ClownSights” has been established where users can report any sightings or incidents in their community.