By ALAN BUTTERFIELD in Bangkok, Thailand

John Mark Karr’s bizarre fanaticism isn’t limited to JonBenet Ramsey. The twisted teacher is also obsessed with domestic diva Martha Stewart and ’70s TV stars Barbara Eden, Sonny and Cher and the cast of “The Brady Bunch”!

“He went on and on talking about how great they were,” said a teacher who worked with Karr recently at Bangkok Christian College in Thailand. “John loved Sonny and Cher &#151 every chance he could he quietly mouthed the words to the tune ‘I Got You Babe.’

“He told everyone how much he loved them and how he would’ve loved to have had one of their matching Mustang cars.

“One day he asked a bunch of us teachers: ‘Who would you rather be, Sonny or Cher?’ None of us answered, we just all looked at each other with blank stares.”

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