Prior to his Binghamton slay spree that shocked the nation, the crazed gunman sent a letter to local TV station, signing off with "Have a nice day."

Jiverly Wong, 41, the Chinese immigrant from Viet Nam who went on a slaughter spree in the upstate New York city before killing himself listed a litany of paranoid complaints about police.

"I am Jiverly Wong shooting the people," the killer wrote in a neatly printed hand written missive that was received by News 10 Now in Syracuse which made public the chilling contents.

The letter, dated March 18, was mailed  2 weeks before the massacre, reveals that Wong claimed he was harassed and persecuted by undercover cops who continually watched and touched him why he slept.

"At least two people with me go to return to the dust of the earth," Wong warned that "cop" would pay for ruining his life.

In closing, Wong apologized not for the blood of innocents he was intent on spilling – but for his lousy grammar.

"I am sorry I know a little English" .