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10 Things You Don’t Know About Norman Reedus

'The Walking Dead' star has strange tattoos and stranger fans!

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He’s exactly the guy you want to have watching your back during a zombie apocalypse, but where did Norman Reedus come from? The hunky 47-year-old exploded onto the scene as “The Walking Dead’s” Daryl Dixon, yet he’s been in front of cameras — and behind them — for years! Here are 10 things you don’t know about the offbeat actor — whose gotten a VERY bizarre gift from an admirer …

1. Norman was born in Hollywood — Hollywood, Fla., that is.

2. He may look scruffy now, but Norman modeled for high-end labels like Prada in the 1990s!

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3. He starred in 1998’s “Dark Harbor” with Alan Rickman. “I admired you so much Mr Rickman,” he said in an online post about the actor’s death. “Such a class act.”

4. Norman dated supermodel Helena Christensen for years. They have a son, Mingus, 17.

5. “My favorite actors are Willem Dafoe and Gary Oldman and Christopher Walken,” he said.

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6. He has a number of tattoos, including a snake on his leg, demons on his back and his son’s name on his right arm.

7. The character Daryl on “The Walking Dead” was written for Norman after he auditioned for another role.

8. An artist and photographer, he released a book of photography called “The Sun’s Coming Up … Like a Big Bald Head” in 2013.

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9. He has a titanium eye socket, thanks to a horrific car accident in 2005.

10. A female fan once sent him a breast implant because she said he “sounded depressed.”