Palin family pot-stirrer, Alaska’s favorite son LEVI JOHNSTON, has filed papers to legally make a run at the office of Mayor in Wasilla.

Levi, the ex- fiance of teen prego queen  daughter Bristol Palin, has filed official documents furthering his intention to run for the same political office Sarah Palin once held in her Wasilla, Alaska hometown.

Johnston, 20, has been locked in a nasty family feud with the former GOP VP candidate since fathering Bristol’s baby, Tripp, out of wedlock.

They reconciled briefly only to be torn apart when the ENQUIRER revealed he had impregnated another woman. 

Bristol flipped and wrote a hasty finis to their fairytale reunion that, sources say, was orchestrated by mom Sarah as a way to rid herself of the annoyance before contemplating a run at the Presidency.

But Levi’s not fading away as he filed a "letter of intent" with Alaska authorities on Friday, stating that he plans to run for elected office in Wasilla in 2011.

The reality series Levi was simultaneously pitching chronicling his historic run has not yet been picked up by a major net.

No word yet whether he’ll use his Playgirl nearly-nude beefcake pose as a campaign poster.