Imagine That! Yoko Ono Is A Phony

Yoko ono short

John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono didn’t hesitate to cash in on her husband’s horrifying murder — or shack up with a much younger man!

Shockingly, Beatle-wrecking Yoko even dressed her boy toy in John’s clothes, according to Andy Peebles, a London DJ who interviewed John two days before he was killed in New York on Dec. 8, 1980.

He then interviewed Yoko on the first anniversary of John’s shooting death at the hands of Mark David Chapman.

“She cried and said how much she missed John, and how stunned she still was by what had happened,” said Andy.

“But I found it hard to take her tears seriously!

"I knew she was in a new relationship with Sam Havadtoy, a sculptor and antiques expert 20 years her junior, and a former Lennon aide. It was quite scandalous.”

Adding to the outrage was the fact that Yoko had Sam style his hair like John — and her new love would even wear the “Imagine” singer’s clothes!

Yoko’s business decisions also left Andy stunned.

“She used John’s death to hype her own new record," he said, "and rushed a sentimental B-side compilation of bits of John talking as a souvenir!"