Tough Love!

Wynona Judd Disowns Her ‘Meth Monster’ Daughter

Wild child has been in and out of court!

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Wynonna Judd has turned her back on her 21-year-old junkie daughter, Grace Kelley, and desperately hopes “tough love” will drive the troubled girl to clean up her act!

The 53-year-old country songbird finally threw in the towel after Grace pleaded guilty to manufacture, delivery, sale and possession of meth on May 26. A Tennessee judge issued two jail sentences and ordered her to pay $3,092.

The sentences — stints of four years and 11 months — were suspended and will be served as probation after the troubled druggie spends 30 days in the clink and then serves 180 days at an in-house rehab.

“Wynonna is at the end of her rope with Gracie,” said a source close to the Judd family. “She feels that she has to let her daughter sink or swim on her own now. “She’s washed her hands of her.”

Grace, whose dad was Wynonna’s first hubby, Arch Kelley III, has bounced in and out of courts in Tennessee and Alabama on drug charges since December 2015 involving the manufacture of crystal meth.

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She’s been banned from buying ingredients used to make the drug and pleaded guilty to possession of meth in May 2016.

Sadly, Grace has been a problem child for years. In 2011, she vanished for several days while returning home from boarding school.

In December 2012, Wynonna reportedly sent the teen to a “behavioral camp” for six months.

Later, her movie star aunt, Ashley Judd, won temporary custody after Grace claimed her mom was a pill-popping, abusive nightmare.

“Wynonna would put Grace into rehab if she knew she wouldn’t run away and start using again,” said the source to The National ENQUIRER.

“She thinks the only answer for her daughter is ‘tough love’ — because the alternative is death!”