HOLLY PETRAEUS, the de­voted wife of disgraced former CIA director GEN. DAVID PETAREUS, is threatening to slap him with divorce papers, say sources!

In a blockbuster exclusive, The ENQUIRER has learned the sex scan­dal involving the retired four-star Army general and his biographer Paula Broadwell not only cost Petraeus his ca­reer but may also bring a sudden and bitter end to his 38-year marriage.

“Holly is furious,” a source close to the fami­ly told The ENQUIRER. “David humiliated her in front of the whole world.

“She can’t turn on a television, go online or open a newspaper without be­ing bombarded by the latest revelations about his cheating. No wonder she’s angry. Leave him? If it were me, I’d kill him! Holly told David, ‘I want you out of my life!’ – and threatened him with divorce.”

It would be a tragic end to what had seemed a solid marriage. The two met on a blind date when Petraeus was a student at West Point and Holly’s father was the academy’s superintendent. Pe­traeus graduated in June 1974, and the couple married the following month.

During his Army career, the pair fol­lowed a typical military career path, moving 24 times in 38 years, while Hol­ly raised their now-adult son and daughter.

Petraeus once thanked his wife in a speech, saying she’d been “‘Mrs. Dad’ for the bulk of the last decade while I’ve been deployed.”

But Petraeus didn’t show that kind of gratitude at a hearing to confirm him as CIA direc­tor – because his mistress Broadwell, who called the gen­eral “Peaches,” sat in the front row just six seats away from his wife! Petraeus claims their affair began shortly after he left the Army in August 2011.

In light of the adulterous revelations, sources say Holly is now wondering if her 60-year-old husband also carried on an affair with Florida mom Jill Kelley. She’s the sexy Tampa, Fla.-based social­ite who blew the whistle on Broadwell after getting threatening e-mails from her. Like Broadwell, Kelley is married to a doctor.

In an ironic coincidence, Holly and David Petraeus were photographed with Kelley and her husband, Scott, in 2010.

“David denies this woman was his mistress, but Holly isn’t convinced,” said the friend. “She keeps asking him how many more women there have been over the years.”

Meanwhile, Holly – who’s won kudos for keep­ing businesses from ripping off service families as an assistant director with the Consumer Fi­nancial Protection Bureau – isn’t likely to take her husband’s cheating lying down, said the source.

“David has been falling all over himself, apologizing and begging Holly to forgive him,” said the friend. “But she isn’t listening. After all his lies, she doesn’t believe anything he says anymore, and she’s thinking about consulting a divorce attorney.

“Her marriage has already come crashing down. Now she’s ready to pull the plug.”